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Landlord Concierge

Are you considering buying a rental property?
Do you already own a rental property?
Are you currently a Landlord?
Are you a Property Manager?

We understand, first hand, the needs & requirements of residential and commercial proprietors. Not always being onsite to evaluate plumbing issues as they happen, is a major challenge for Landlords. That’s where Full Moon Plumbing’s Landlord Concierge Service rises to the occasion. With one quick phone call, Full Moon Plumbing Inc. can be on the road to your property.

We will assess the Plumbing issue quickly and take measures to abate those unforeseen emergencies. From plugged drains to burst pipes, Full Moon Plumbing will resolve your Plumbing burdens quickly.


Plumbers/Apprentices are charged out hourly, with a 1 hour minimum. After hours work will be charged extra. Our shop rate includes travel time between our shop and job site, both directions. Full Moon Plumbing’s trucks are well stocked with the most commonly used parts, material and equipment. Travel time to acquire additional material or equipment to complete a job, is subject to our standard shop rate. Total travel time in excess of 1 hour may qualify for a “reduced rate for travel”. All labor, material and equipment charges are subject to HST.

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