Why does my toilet sound like it is filling up when no one flushed it?

Clearly your toilet is possessed. Get out of the house, now!!! Seriously though, that sounds like the flapper in the tank of your toilet is leaking slowly, which may increase your water bill! Give Full Moon Plumbing a call and we can replace that leaky flapper in a jiffy.

My kitchen faucet is constantly dripping. Do I need a new faucet?

There are many makes and models of faucets on the market. Before you go out and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new faucet, let Full Moon Plumbing see if it can be repaired. We carry an extensive selection on repair parts and cartridges. With a quick fix, your faucet will drip no longer.

Why have I lost water pressure from my shower head?

This is likely due to calcium (Ca) buildup. You could try soaking your shower head overnight in a bowl of white vinegar. Better yet, call Full Moon Plumbing to replace that old shower head.

My electric water heater runs out of hot water after only running the hot water tap for a few minutes, what’s up with that?

Most electric water heaters have an upper & lower heating element. Commonly, the lower element of water heaters burns out. Many times, with a tank cleaning, this element can be removed and replaced. Call Full Moon Plumbing to perform an electrical analysis on your water heater.

I’m standing ankle deep in shower water (Yuck!) How do get this water flowing again?

For the easy fix, you need to get some tweezers and stick’em down the tub drain to pull out the clog of hair. If that doesn’t work, call Full Moon Plumbing to snake out that plugged drain with our state of the art drain machine.

I just arrived home and heard water spraying in the basement. Looks like there are a couple of inches of water in my basement. This is bad, isn’t it?

Stay calm. Stay out of the basement! There may be a risk of electrical shock if you touch that water. Make your first call to Full Moon Plumbing. We will get to your location as soon as possible. Once we are certain there is no risk of electrocution, we will get the water shut off and make the necessary repair to the defective plumbing. In the meantime, you’ll probably want to call in your insurance company. Just remember to stay safe!

I hear water running near my laundry tub, but I don’t see water flowing anywhere. Do I have a broken pipe?

This is a classic issue. You need to call Full Moon Plumbing fast! Your next water bill might be much higher than you expect. You likely have a faulty Laundry Tub Faucet. Water is passing through the faulty faucet, then through the Trap Seal Primer Supply connected to the bottom of the faucet. We will attempt to repair your faucet and then we can install a Trap Gap™ on the Trap Seal Primer Supply. Having a Trap Gap™ installed on your Trap Seal Primer, makes the previously invisible flow of water, visible. It also makes the required separation between your potable water system and your sanitary drainage system.

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